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Formal Weddings

Formal weddings are gala events (black tie). Need some ideas?
  • Invitations — Engraved & Heavy Paper Stock!
  • Elite Event Location — Usually the best in town. Nice venues are generally the norm!
  • Attire — Black tie event (tuxedo’s worn) and ball length gowns are a must for the women in the wedding party.
  • Flowers — Roses, stephanotis or orchids are required.
  • Lighting — Traditional or the more unique LED lighting of modern weddings where the lights change colors, because lighting sets the ambiance.
  • Music — You can use a family soloist, musician or small orchestra. However, you can use a professional D.J. here too.
  • Transportation — You can be unique and hire a carriage! Or, you can do a limo. It is your wedding be creative.
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Casual Weddings

A casual wedding is just that casual attire. Need some ideas?
  • Standard Invitations — You can go affordable here.
  • Event Location — Anything goes here!
  • Attire — Think about it! Casual means laid back or you should be thinking cowboy boots, tennis shoes, etc.
  • Flowers — Roses, carnations or a creative replacement here.
  • Lighting — Only if you want!
  • Music — iPhone (smartphone) pre-recorded mix will do here.
  • Transportation — If you wish to spoil yourselves.
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Elopement Weddings

Elopement Weddings are quick, easy come as you are events. Need some ideas?
  • Standard Invitations — Not required
  • Event Location — Anywhere and we mean anywhere! (Convenience Store, Parks and gazebos, etc.)
  • Attire — Whatever you’re wearing at the moment .
  • Flowers — Any number of ideas will do here. It’s really the grooms gut instinct here.
  • Lighting — Not applicable!
  • Music — Generally, there is no music, but you could use your iPhone for ambience.
  • Transportation — You guessed it, the car you arrived in
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“Wonderful! Thank you all so much!”
“Rodney did such an amazing job for our wedding! The service was beautiful and everything we wanted. Rodney's wife Gloria (please forgive me if I got her name wrong) kept everything on track and was wonderful with keeping the kids in the wedding on point (no small feat)!! I truly appreciated Rodney and Gloria staying after the rehearsal dinner to get to know us and our family. I would highly recommend them to anyone!”
“Rodney was wonderful to work with. We had changes in our original plans and all worked out very well. Would recommend to anyone looking for an Officiant.”
“ Very nice and professional! Did miss a few things during the ceremony, but quickly made up for it! Great guy!”

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